Your Best Earning Years Could Be Post-Retirement

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Retirement is a dreaded time for many people because, for them, it means uncertainty about what to do with their lives. One thing is certain, you will always need renewable income, a fact which also creates a worry. This is why planning for post-retirement funding is emphasized from well before those years come along. In fact, with proper financial instruments, you can benefit from your savings and investments in an even greater way than during your active working years. You might have already invested in an IRA along with 401K, or you are looking for business ideas for retirees, to grow the funds you already have. With the right options, you can live a more comfortable retirement life than what you are living in your active working years. Let’s examine some of these options.

Delay Claiming on Your Social Security

You may not have known that there is a sure way to increase the amount you can glean from your social security retirement benefits. You are eligible for these payments when you get to retirement age; but if you wait until you are 70 years old before you start claiming, you will experience an automatic increase in the amount you will be paid. For every year after you are eligible for your social security benefit that you don’t start collecting payments, the amount increases by 8 percent. This increase ends when you turn 70 years old. Wherever the 8% stops at 70 years old, those are the increased payments you will receive for the remainder of your life. This is indeed a smart way to make the most of this benefit which you would have already had under your belt.
In fact, this is how Andrew Morgan was able to earn more during retirement than in his whole working career. He waited until he was 70 years old before he started claiming on his Social Security benefits and that allowed him to earn 76 percent more than if he had started claiming at age 62. This also benefits your spouse in the event of your death. The fact that you will be getting larger checks will also mean that their payments would be larger as well.

Start/Invest in a New Business

Best Earning Years Could Be Post-Retirement | Bridge Advisors

It is important for most retirees to not outlive their savings or pension. This can be ensured by starting or investing in a business that can provide you with some extra dollars to supplement what you already have on hand.
One way you can make some decent additional income is by investing in a cryptocurrency based small business. For those who are uninitiated, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are taking the financial market by storm and are on their way to becoming the future of money.
In 2011, the price of one Bitcoin was less than $2. Cut to 2017, and Bitcoin is now priced at upwards of $4,400. Some would argue that things are just beginning to unfold. Ever since Bitcoin’s launch, several other block chain technology-based cryptocurrencies have entered the market.
There are a number of ways you can make money by investing in a cryptocurrency based small business. One of the easiest ways, however, convenient even for retired persons, is by partnering with Bridge Advisors.
Bridge Advisors, in association with Nexxus University, offers aspiring cryptocurrency investors with the world’s first cryptocurrency specialist certification program for just $1 per week. Besides the certification program that helps you learn about an emerging financial technology and make money out of it, Bridge Advisors also help you become a Nexxus affiliate, which has a myriad of its own benefits.
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Work for an Additional Couple of Years

If your company allows, and if you are up to it, working for an additional five years or so will give you additional working years for your pension to accrue and also additional years to save from salary. This will eventually add up to the amount of money you would require to support you during your retirement. There are benefits to this all around, but such a decision may not be for everyone. Such a decision could, in fact, double the amount of money you would earn on a yearly basis from your retirement funds. All of this will be possible just because you made the decision to put in a few more years at the workplace.

Purchase an Immediate Life Annuity

If at retirement you realize that your savings are not sufficient to cater to your needs for the rest of your life, all is not lost. It is usually recommended that you use 4-5% of your savings on a yearly basis to take care of your expenses. If your savings cannot withstand this, an Immediate Life Annuity insurance policy may be the answer. These are usually able to offer you between 6 and 8 percent annually, and you may not have to pay too much to obtain a policy. In some cases, you may even be able to obtain a higher percentage payout rate.


All it takes to increase your financial security during your retirement years is a bit of research and decision making. While much of your preparation would have begun prior to retirement, much can still be done at the point of retirement — say, investing in a cryptocurrency based small business — to increase your spending and earning potential. Indeed, retirement need not be a dreaded time of life. On the contrary, it can be the time of your life where you stand to earn more than you ever did in your former working years.